A New Breed of Business Application

For many years corporate America has been enslaved to the applications and systems that the Information Technology Department decides it should have.

How do I know this? During my 15 year Information Technology career, I filled the following roles: IT Engineer, IT Director, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer. I know from experience that many of the decisions that ultimately affect the end user (customer) are made by technical people that have little, if any, practical business experience.

I think the pendulum is swinging back though. In the late 1990’s / early 2000’s many Silicon Valley companies brought out hosted applications and called themselves ASP’s, or Application Service Providers. The assumption was that end customers would pay an annual or monthly subscription to use applications. Great idea, poor execution. The ASP’s assumed that all businesses had an industrial-strength internet connection. Unfortunately, the Telco’s were just starting the explosion of Fiber Optic cable installations nationwide.

The “ASP Experiment” did not last that long, and about the time ASP became Software As A Service (SaaS), I sold my IT consulting practice to stay in San Diego with my wife and kids.

A New Breed of Business Consultant

Now, online applications have grown up, but consulting firms, to a large extent, have not.

While business shifts to a demand-driven application medium, IT Consultancies continue to charge huge billable rates to have young college grads tell 20-year CFO’s how to best run their business. While the college grad may have some good ideas, he or she will have to work very hard to earn the respect of that C-Level Executive.

We do not work that way. We believe that Information Technology is the same as Electricity or Water. They are all ubiquitous services that should be available and uncomplicated. We do not ‘Take Sides’ as we do not believe there ARE Sides. Business users and IT staff must work together in a collaborative manner in order for companies to survive or thrive. This is where we can come in. We understand business, we understand IT. We are exceptional at translating business requirements into technical specifications and requirements documents.

We charge fair rates for exceptional service. We are only successful if you are.

Give us a try; I think you will agree with our many satisfied clients that San Diego CRM is the right choice to make!